Visualization Nibbana



I know some people take interest in visualizing Nibbana. The strange thing is that Nibbana accepts neither Mind nor Body. It is apart from them, for those are changing in nature. Nibbana exists externally. It does not change. So it is very strange for human beings who are slave to change.
In order to visualize Nibbana we must construct unchangeable entity i.e. which have the power to enter into Nibbana. So we must have the ability to construct such kind of Aria’s Magga Nyanna. I can explain how to construct it.
First of all we must accept Mind and Body. These are given. Our task is to build new thing. That is Aria’s Nyanna. We can do this according to . As we know there are three characteristics, such as – Suffering, Changing and Non-ego. The method is to concentrate on changing. Whatever exists in the (31) plains is always changing, only Nibbana is constant.
So be aware of changing every time, everywhere and this means you are building Magga Nyanna. Please do not underestimate this method. This is Law, not a hypothesis. I have tried it and succeeded well. So please try if you take interest to Visualize Nibbana.
Dr. Chit Nge (Philosophy)

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