Two kinds of understanding for human beings


Two kinds of understanding for human beings

There are two kinds of understanding for human beings; these are mental understanding and intellectual understanding. Mental understanding leads to subjective opinions and personal bias. Intellectual understanding leads to objective reality. So, naturally, we prefer intellectual understanding. It is apart from personal prejudice and subjective feelings.

The truth seekers are trying to construct Intellectual Understanding. From this Intellectual Understanding, we have to keep develop it till we gain . has the power to enter into Nirvana. So, our Buddhists are trying to have Intellectual Understanding till they gain . In Buddhism, is very important as it is apart from personal bias.

Naturally, it is difficult to construct such kind of understanding because human beings are inclining towards their egocentric interests and personal subjective psychology. Whatever may be, the truth seekers are trying all the time to attain Nirvana by practicing Vipassana which means to cancel the egocentric interest and personal sexual feelings.

Dr. Chit Nge (Philosophy)



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