Theory and Practice


Theory and Practice                 

Studying literature is not sufficient for knowledge. Literature is colligaion of opinions. Truth can be realized by practical research. I learn a little bit of literature. But I practice a lot and I gain True Knowledge by it. I have succeeded the “HIGHEST TRIUMPH OF HUMAN KNOWLEDGE. It is not because I learn much but because I practice enough. I have found the noblest strange elemental and so. I want to advise you not to learn theory much but to take practice seriously to have enlightenment by knowing of your minds’ changing. That is all and sufficient to be successful in facing DEATH.

Truth comes from Practical Research. True Knowledge is concerned with practice and practical training. So please do not rely on theory so much. In some cases it is a kind of wasting valuable time. From the experience we can learn much and consequently we can stand on our own Legs sufficiently. By this I mean for those who are studying literature too much and ended in their talks with no practical beneficial result.


Dr. Chit Nge (Philosophy)




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  1. than win says:

    very clear and very powerful, I like this.

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