Something about Nirvana


Something about Nirvana

lotus-flower-images-and-wallpapers-3Nirvana is the world beyond. So, it is different from the ordinary world. The world beyond means it is free from the world. At Nirvana, there is no character of the world such as suffering, changing and non-ego. When you want to enter into Nirvana, you have to leave your mind and body. Only the intuition or wisdom will go into Nirvana as and .

So, when we are doing meditation, we are taking care of constructing Magga Nyanna and Phala Nyanna. This means we are focusing seriously on the changing activities of mind and body. Nirvana is very unique because it is not changing like the world. It is eternal and free from sufferings; it is a very wonderful experience when we are visualizing Nirvana. Nirvana really exists there apart from the world.

Buddha and Arahats discovered the Nirvana and had given information to us including the good nature of Nirvana such as peace, tranquility and freedom. If we try and pay for it, then we will get the result. That is up to date information and natural law. If you sacrifice the attachments of the world here, then you will have the power to delete the tendencies and then that power will go into Nirvana as Magga Nyaana and Phala Nyanna. 

Thank you.

Dr. Chit Nge (Philosophy)

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