Something about Chance


Something about Chance

 images (40)      Here chance; what I mean is that unexpected happening. Most of the things are arranged for us with reasons and using causality. But sometimes the unexpected event occurs and it becomes a chance.

Chance is unexpected occurring in our lives. We expect according to the laws of causation naturally. But sometimes, something is going to happen without the line of causality. It becomes a chance unexpectedly. So we are to prepare for the occurrence of the chance though we have some reasonable power.

The secret of nature is very strange and everything we cannot know about the hidden potentialities. Every now and then we are to face chances unexpectedly. Some people are full of confidence to expect what they want to expect. But it cannot be the good conviction because sometimes the chance may occur, and the nature happens against our expectations.

So we are to accept both causality and also chance. Thank you.


Dr. Chit Nge (Philosophy)


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