Science, Buddhism and Youth


Science, and Youth

Science is good but Buddhism is better. Science has no goal. It is
Bism and Scibecause they think that when they have reached the goal, it will be the end and they will have no chance to discover more knowledge. So they do not recognize the
existence of the goal for them. They keep going without an end happily.
They say like that.
They take interest in searching for knowledge. So they don’t want to be
stagnant. They hope that they will have the chance to search for knowledge
on and on. On the other hand Buddhism has a goal. It is the . If we can
practice successfully and correctly, we can attain Nibbana. At
last the Buddhism will give you peace and tranquility. Science gives you
the knowledge, but what they call knowledge is not actually genuine one. Sometimes it is not the real knowledge. It is just rationalization.
Whatever maybe we should study both Science and Buddhism.
Science is for this life, so to speak. But, Buddhism can deal with the world
beyond or supernatural world.
Science is strange because it can even give the knowledge about the origin of the Universe. Buddhism is even more extraordinary because it can give the knowledge about the world beyond. Of course we can study both, but science gives some knowledges of the appearance of nature and Buddhism deals with essence of nature. Whatever may be both methods are good for human beings to some extent. Science is successful. Buddhism is looking for those who practice
seriously and correctly. To some extent, they go hand in hand, and it
can be compared like this, Science deal with the worldly affairs and Buddhism deal
with the world beyond what you call supra mundane world.

(Above Paragraph is Dr. Chit Nge’s speech, Approved by Admin)



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  1. moe moe says:

    Sayargyi shint

    When you have spare time, Please kindly write about the “god particle” the persons who found and they got this year physics nobel prize.

    Thanking you always for your Dhhama articles.

    Moe Moe

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