Science and Beyond


   Science and Beyond

 Many a times I have explained about scientific knowledge. There are some conditions of scientific knowledge such as Systematization, Causality, Predictability, Objectivity, Verifiability, and Universalization. These are good conditions for scientific knowledge with the result scientific knowledge is to be appreciated by the whole world. But there are some something beyond science.

As we know for scientific knowledge we are to use apparatus or instruments. Through the instruments, we observe to the natural phenomena in order to have some facts and informations about nature. However, on the contrary, there are also some successful methods not applied instruments but taking concentration and meditation.

First of all, meditation seems to be unscientific but actually there are some scientific meditations. E.g. Buddhistic ideas are to be appreciated due to its practical training. We, Buddhistics take practice practically and we attain our golds by the result of our practice, and we appreciate not only the practical experience but also the knowledge attained by practical experience. But most of the people, they do not understand Buddhistic teachings. It is because they regard all religions are mere story forms in order to have good ethical teaching.

Actually Buddhistic teaching is not an imaginary and theoretical approach only. On the contrary there are some practical experiences which are valuable for our true intuition. First the term meditations as well as intuitions are not recognized by the scientific society. It is, from my point of view, their weakness because there are some successful Buddhists who trained practically and who are successful in their Dhamma even they visualize the nature of Nibbana which cannot be observed by scientific knowledge or by apparatus.

So far as human knowledge is concern scientific knowledge is one side and on the contrary, Buddhistic teachings are other sides. Because through practicing Vippassana, according to Buddhism, we can have some intuitions and we can have true knowledge about everything. So, can be achieved by means of Buddhistic teachings.

This is a new information and the world might not understand now. Though they do not understand or they do not recognize or they do not appreciate, Buddhistic teachings are successful for those who take practice practically, and with the result they have real freedom and tranquility; that is the main goal of human beings. And also Buddhists have attained the Highest Triumph of Human Knowledge, so to speak.


Thank you.

Dr. Chit Nge (Philosophy in Religious Sciences.)



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