Open Letter to the World


Open Letter to the World


DrChitNge6It is better if the world tries to improve itself. Don’t even think or prepare to insult .  You will be in big trouble if you insult . You have to notice that so that you won’t regret.

Frankly, in the field of knowledge what the world know is just insignificant. The knowledge known by our Myanmar Buddhists are the deepest. For Example, we know the existence of (Real Freedom) which you don’t; we had already known the Nibbana’s existence and the Arias even have visualized the Nibbana. There were many Arias who have visualized the Nibbana. The Nibbana is being found or visualized by Buddhists at present time. So, your worldly knowledge is just low and insignificant. Don’t even think to insult Buddhism: the noble truth with your small arrogance brain. Otherwise, a big devastation will be ahead of you.

This message is the true declaration from the Buddhism side.

Frankly your knowledge is not significant. We could even say you know nothing because you don’t know the existence of Nibbana. The Nibbana is very noble. But, you have no idea about the Nibbana. You all are very far away from the Nibbana. We didn’t look down upon you, but we now have to response as you had looked down the Buddhism.

“What do you know??? You knowledge is insignificant and nothing! Our Buddhist Arahats’ wisdom knows the Nibbana and the thirty one planes of existence. You don’t even know the thirty one planes of existence. All you are striving for is just worldly affairs. You already had admitted that your knowledge is still uncertain. You shouldn’t test the limit to our knowledge we know the existence of Nibbana thoroughly with your insignificant and uncertain level of knowledge. It will be a disaster if you don’t stop.

This is the first warning.

“Don’t insult Buddhism! Stay away!”

You may either success or fail with your own cause in worldly affairs.

So, “Be yourself!”

You don’t have to insult, attack, make misunderstandings or make trouble to Buddhism. So, I warn you that

“Don’t insult Buddhism if you don’t want to be burnt!”

Note this message as the most critical warning.

I repeat that your knowledge is nothing and insignificant compare to ours. The wisdom which knows Nibbana is most noble and certain. Many Arahats (Last Stage Conqueror) who can visualize Nibbana had emerged from Myanmar.

You have no idea what you are doing.

I didn’t say because I didn’t want to. But now I have to say it.

“Human rights!” You say.

“It’s nonsense”

“Why don’t you recognize the possession of the highest triumph of human knowledge by our Buddhists?”

“You don’t recognize it. Do you?”

“You just recognize what you are biased to”

We don’t impress you a bit.

I declare that we will respond skillfully without impressing you.

This is the open letter to the world.


Dr Chit Nge (Philosophy)


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