The Nirvana and Black hole are different


I hereby declare that the goal of Buddhists (Nirvana) is not equivalent to .

There are some relations between Nirvana and Black Hole like when someone goes into the black hole, he will be reached to the end of the time.

In Buddhism, when we attain Nirvana, it will be the end of time and space. So, some people might think that Nirvana and Black Holes are the same or comparable between these two terms. Actually the true nature of both Nirvana and Black Holes are quite different because in order to enter into Nirvana, first we must have sacrificed all kinds of attachments towards the mind and body or the 31 planes of existence. On the contrary when someone enters into Black Hole, then he will be destroyed and ruined and all torn apart until nothing is left.

In this case, to enter into Nirvana, we must first purify ourselves; which mean to clear up ourselves by deleting all kinds of temptations and sentimental values about the human beings and the universe.  So, Nirvana is quite different from the Black Hole. Some people might not have such idea: about the nature of Nirvana, so they want to compare the Nirvana and Black Hole. Actually, there is no chance at all. Nirvana is quite different when comparing with black hole.

When you visualize the Nirvana, what you call our Arahata , Phala Nyanna or Ariya  , Phala Nyanna will realize the qualities, the characteristics and the contributions of Nirvana. The Pali terms for those qualities are Nassa, Duwa, Nipuna, AniDassana, Asariya, Ambuta etc…. These are the qualities and the attributes of the Nirvana. Whereas, on the other hand, the Black Hole; it doesn’t have such qualities. So, please beware if you wish to compare the Nirvana: the Buddhists’ goal and Black Hole.

I could proclaim this declaration because I have already visualized Nirvana and I already have studied black hole.

OK, Thank you.

Dr. Chit Nge (Philosophy)


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