For youths who take interest in Higher Knowledge


For youths who take interest in Higher Knowledge

Most of the advanced young students, they study and appreciate scientific knowledge, scientific method or Science. I agree with them and even I had studied about scientific knowledge. Scientific knowledge means to express such as systematization, Generalization, Universality, Predictability, Causality, Objectivity and Verifiability.

Most of the learned people appreciate these qualifications. However, when I studied science closely and deeply I found that scientists first of all had no aim or no goal. I can explain and give explanation with reference from their writings.  E.g. Max Born in his Cause and Chance and Einstein in his The Fundament of Physics and Popper in which Life is problem solving and even Hawking  himself in his Universe in a Nutshell. Formerly they don’t want to accept the goal absolutely because they assume that when human beings reach their goal they would be stagnant, shrivel, stop and die. Actually it is not the case as they accepted.

We had reached our goal and we feel happy for it. But scientists will not be arriving and achieving our goal because our goal is . Gradually some scientists expect that they want to attain the highest triumph of human Knowledge. In this case, it is sure that they are not in touch with our practical Buddhism, practical Buddhism which lead to Nibbana for which I had attained it thoroughly. So we are to say that we had this type of highest triumph of human knowledge. The highest triumph of human knowledge can be attained not by scientific method but by Buddhistic method. It is because they study physical nature by neglecting the psychic element. In this case, one might say that there is psychology. However when we study psychology seriously, we realize that psychology means a kind of Behaviorism or a theory of Behaviorism. That is because they cannot visualize the nature of the mind directly.

Here it is trained for our Buddhistic teaching. In Buddhistic teaching, we study the nature of the mind or the psychic element and gradually we realized it by our objective intuition. Objective intuition can be understood by studying the philosophy of Buddhism. And also it is strange noble element: Nibbana, it can be attained through by practicing Buddhistic training or . I had practiced Vipassana seriously many years and then I realized only Buddhism can lead the world for having the highest triumph of human knowledge. So, we had evidence and proof and also practical experience how we can construct the highest triumph of human knowledge by practicing according to Buddhism. I say about these facts not because I to have convince for scientist but because I want to say the truth and I want to declare how it can be attained the highest triumph of human knowledge.

Thanks you,

Dr. Chit Nge (Philosophy)

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