Buddhism is advanced in the field of knowledge


is advanced in the field of knowledge

Buddhism is advanced in the field of knowledge. Buddhism knows mind and body -lotus-2thoroughly and can handle mind and body properly. We can determine that the World merely knows the physical things. The World doesn’t know about Mind from top to bottom. Therefore, they think Mind as a reflection of the Brain.


There is Seik-Ta-Nuk-Patthanar in Buddhism. The mind has to be meditated. You can see your mind with Buddhism’s method. Mind can’t be seen with the method used by the World. The study of brain’s energy and behavior had emerged as the world didn’t see the mind. In reality, man has both mind and body. It is according to Buddha’s discourse. We can find mind and body when we practice meditation.


The knowledge of the world is only half knowledge because they can see only physical things. Mind has the ability to feel. Mind can’t be seen using tools or apparatus. It can be seen only with clean Si-la, Sa-mar-di and Pin-nya. The World hasn’t reached to this stage. They don’t have a chance yet. They only pleased with their knowledge on physical things. Therefore, they don’t understand the Buddhism’s delicate and advanced wisdom. They are not good enough to familiar with Buddhism. They can’t acknowledge it.


Buddhism not only knows Mind but also mind is decided as Dukkha-Thitsar or the noble truth of suffering. Buddhism’s ultimate goals are 4 Megga-Nyanna, 4 Phala-Nyanna and the .  Those views and teachings of Buddha are the most advanced in the field of knowledge. The World can’t follow up to this stage completely. They are pleased with their physical knowledge. That’s why they are declaring the “Attachments or Ta-Hnarr” as “Human Rights”. Many Arahats (Last stage Conquerors) who conquered their attachments had emerged from Buddhism.


The world is so naïve and blind in the field of knowledge. In reality, Buddhism is so advanced and so delicate. Buddhists have reached and successful up to the Noblest Nibbana. But, the world must not insult Buddhism. The world might improve their knowledge on world affairs or physical things on their own. The world must not insult, attack or bother the nobility of Buddhism. Otherwise, it will be a disaster. Buddhism is very noble.


Buddhism is very advanced. The world have no idea to learn Buddhism, they don’t know whether they should value Buddhism. They have no idea why they should give respect to Buddhism. Their world is full of darkness.

They don’t get the bright true light of knowledge. They are blind and chaotic. They mustn’t insult Buddhism with such status.


The World is warned not to insult Buddhism. You will regret because of the disaster. Therefore, the world must be Cautious. That’s why the world should not make even a slightest mistake with the Buddha’s Sar-Sa-Narr. Otherwise, it will be a catastrophe followed by devastation.


The world should notice that their level of knowledge is so low when comparing to Buddhism. The world doesn’t know about Mind and soul thoroughly. Thus their knowledge is so out-of-date.

Buddhists know thoroughly about Mind and soul, beyond that they are capable to achieve up to 4 Megga-Nyanna, 4 Phala-Nyanna and Nibbana. The world doesn’t know even basics concerning the world beyond or Law-Kuttra. They are completely blind.

Most important of all, those blind people must stay away and must not insult the successful, the triumph, and transparent Buddhism.


Dr Chit Nge (Philosophy)



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