Approaching Nirvana (8)


Approaching Nirvana (8)

Lotus_FlowerAs we all know, Nirvana is very difficult to understand. Even for me, I was taught by my master in details regarding the existence of Nirvana. So, I am capable to explain and provide some of the characteristics of Nirvana. I take practice Vipassana seriously under my master’s supervision. Since then, I had the chance to make hypothesis about the true nature of Nirvana.

Now, I am trying to disseminate my knowledge about Nirvana to my truth seekers and I realized that I am suitable to explain about the nature of Nirvana. Some are giving wrong definitions like “Nirvana is nothingness”. It is wrong because Nirvana is not nothingness. When we enter into Nirvana and visualize Nirvana, we feel freedom, real happiness and tranquility. So, we mustn’t say “Nirvana is nothingness”. In order to clarify that, we can say “There is Real freedom and real peace”. It is because Nirvana is beyond the physical and mental world; it is also called the world beyond.

Thank you.

Dr. Chit Nge (Philosophy)


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