Approaching Nirvana (7)


Approaching Nirvana (7)

Lotus_Flower234There are two kinds of methods for searching reality. One is Scientific method; the other is Buddhistic method. As you all know Scientific method is to search for reality by using apparatus and instruments. On the contrary, the Buddhistic method does not use instruments, but use only self-intuition. Both methods are fundamentally the same and agree that human beings are inclining towards subjective egocentric interests and personal bias. therefore use instruments not to be subjective, but to know the true nature of reality or the natural given phenomena. In this case, also agrees with such kind of Scientific method that they do not rely on personal bias and subjective ego. However, we try to have objective reality, Scientific method use instruments and apparatus while Buddhistic method try to sacrifice and purify the egocentric personal feelings. On the long run, Scientific method encounters Principle of Uncertainty. On the other hand, Buddhistic method gain and attain their goal. For searching truth and reality, Buddhistic method is more preferable than the Scientific method though they are more applicable for human society.

When searching reality, Buddhistic ideas are more advanced and more Scientific in this case. But, most of the people didn’t realize such kind of difference and they do not understand the more preferable Buddhistic method to apply for gaining the highest triumph of human knowledge.

I will try to explain how Buddhistic ideas can lead to have the highest triumph of human knowledge by annihilating and negating one selve’s egocentric interest which is inclining and slavery of environmental affections. This is the new idea which we call Buddhistic Method to build and Phala Nyanna. And it is where Scientific method is left far behind from such kind of Buddhistic ideas. May be we can expect, in near future Buddhistic idea will be established by trying to widen and extend the horizons of Buddhistic ideas. The method which we call is the most valuable method which can attain where we can have real freedom and happiness. May be most of the educated persons and others will follow taught by Buddha.

Dr. Chit Nge (Philosophy)


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