Approaching Nirvana (5)


Approaching Nirvana (5)

lotus-1Nirvana might be a new term for all strong Buddhists. So also, the way to Nirvana will be a new approach for all strong Buddhists. Only Buddhists are trying to enter into Nirvana by sacrificing self-egocentric sexual feelings.

This is a new approach for all because all the people are trying to have the human rights by having sexual feelings.

Human beings are fighting all the time; but they only neglect to fight the internal sexual feelings. Being a conqueror of sexual feelings is the highest nobility for Buddhists. So, Buddhists are striving as hard as possible to sacrifice sexual feelings. Some are successful and some are not successful. Whatever may be, Some Buddhists are very strong and decided not to be the slave of sexual feelings.

They want to conquer the sexual feelings. Consequently, they gain the power to enter into Nirvana which can only be visualized by and Phala Nyana. So, building Magga Nyanna is very important for Buddhists. Moreover, annihilating internal part of the sexual desire is also very important for strong Buddhists.

Dr. Chit Nge (Philosophy)


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