Approaching Nirvana (4)


Approaching Nirvana (4)

Satumukha02Nirvana is our Goal. Buddhists are aiming Nirvana by hook or by crook. To attain Nirvana, we must negate our ego by sacrificing egocentric interest including sexual feelings, and then we can have the power to attain Nirvana. We can’t go to Nirvana with our mind and body directly; we must build the new power called Magaga Nyanna and Phala Nyanna. So, we must build Magga Nyanna and Phala Nyanna. To build Magga Nyanna, we must cancel our egocentric personal feelings. This is the only method to attain Nirvana. But, most of the people might not have the chance to negate their ego.

We, Buddhists had learnt such kind of practice called Vipassana to negate the egocentric sexual feelings. Most of the people are reluctant to get rid of their sexual feelings. In fact, those kinds of feelings can be negated by practicing Vipassana. Some Buddhists are trying to reduce lesser and lesser such kind of sexual feelings.

We aim to fight those sexual feelings and to conquer it. Some truth seekers are successful in this case. So, we must try to propagate such kind of wonderful method to negate personal sexual feelings. If we could do it, we could gain the powerful energy to enter into Nirvana. So, we need practical training. Practicing Vipassana is the only way to attain Nirvana. Literature is not enough to attain Nirvana. That is the aim and objective what we would like to convey to our truth seekers.

Dr. Chit Nge (Philosophy)




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