Approaching Nirvana (2)


Approaching Nirvana (2)

Bism2We all admit that it is intricate to give clear definition of Nirvana. The reason is that Nirvana is the world beyond. All terms we now have are only relevant for this world. Nirvana is related to the world beyond. So, we cannot give clear definition for Nirvana. But, we can give indirect verification regarding its existence. Now, most of the people accept indirect verification.

Nirvana is isolated from the physical world. Besides, neither mind nor body can enter into Nirvana. So, we must construct something new called and Phala Nyanna. It may also be defined as the intuitive wisdom. When someone tries seriously and has reached to the goal, that person would have possessed the new power which could be defined as the and Phala Nyanna, in other words Intuitive Wisdom. It is neither mind nor body. It is constructed by cancelling the ego. It is extraordinary and only those who take practice will comprehend the nature of Intuitive wisdom. Studying literature alone is not enough to attain Nirvana because Buddhism has to be practiced practically and there is no other way. I have already practiced seriously and practically. As the result, I am capable to say something about Nirvana either directly or indirectly. I will explain about Nirvana in details in my next posts.

Thank you.

Dr. Chit Nge (Philosophy)


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