A Strange Proposition in the Scientific Research


A Strange Proposition in the Scientific Research


A Strange Proposition in the Scientific Research

We all know that scientific theories are verifiable. This means: everybody can make testing about it. After the testing, if the prediction of the theory is false then the theory is cancelled or at least to be refined. If the testing approve the given scientific theory then the theory is acceptable or we believe in that theory.

Here there is a strange proposition which means “You can always question the competent of the person who carried out the observation.” This means: scientific theories are open to be verified or falsified or free to make analysis or criticize. But the scientist will ask in return that you can disapprove my theory but we are to test your ability whether you are competent of knowledge or not.

It is strange because most of the people accept that scientific propositions are to be verified, but here is the edition on behalf of the scientist. They said that everybody can make question but he must have some fundamental knowledge about the topic.

This is very interesting because we can criticize scientific theory as a one way direction. We do not realize that the scientist has the right to ask whether the person who criticize scientific theories are competent or not. So it is to be noticed that there are some chances and human rights on behalf of the scientists who can ask about the competent of the person who criticize the scientific theory by having this kind of human right on the scientist. Thank you.


Dr. Chit Nge (Philosophy)


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