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A Life in 14

About the Sayar Myat Gyi (Continued)

Stable (2)Sayar Myat Gyi practiced according to the Buddha’s teachings. He wasn’t interested in “loki extraordinary persons” such as “lokiwaitza (magics), Zawgyi(supernatural beings), Tappathi(anchorite), Bodaw, Bwardaw(attained by samatha) etc..”. He had sacrificed them completely. He only practiced as Buddha taught. He had gained many visions when his “Sila, Samardi and Panna” had adequate. But, he had left behind all kinds of loki. He practiced constantly things which Buddha pleases. That’s why he had succeeded in the field of Vipassana as a unique person.


Sayar Myat Gyi didn’t get involve in “Loki” (worldly affairs). When his “Samardi: concentration become too powerful, he had received a message in his vision that he could also be successful in “Loki” if he had interested. But, he had determined that he would only follow the Buddha’s way, and never choose the Loki path, and then practiced Vipassana clearly and brightly. That’s why he was capable to provide such Vipassana “panna: intuitive wisdom in the field. I have to admit that I had become a successful disciple because I had grown under Sayar Myat Gyi’s guidance.


I was a traditional Buddhist before. But, Later, I had learnt the the Vipassana adequately. The Vipassana means the practice of meditation using “Nyanna”. Such “Nyanna” has to be obtained from the master. When you reach to the end of the Vipassana meditation, you will enter into the Nibbana and feel the good qualities of Nibbana. I could learn the Buddha’s teachings adequately from my master, and I had also learnt about the Arahats from my master.


The Arahats are those who possess the Arahatta and Phala Nyanna (Intuitive Wisdom)” which can cut the endless circulation force of the “Sasana”. I do understand that fact. Those who can’t cut the force of “Samsara: round of rebirth cannot be the Arahats as long as they can’t cut. Some people wish to describe their master as an Arahat. But, when they are asked a question, “Have you able to cut the endless circulation force of “Samsara?” and they can’t give an answer or don’t know the answer. That’s because they haven’t become a real Arahat yet. A real Arahat can cut the “Samsara” circulation force properly and enter into Nibbana using such ability to cut the “Samsara” which become “Magga Nyanna” and Phala Nyanna (Intuitive Wisdom).


As for me, I know how the Arahats cut the “Samsara” and enter into Nibbana. I have to mention that I really appreciate my master’s gratitude. I wish to give a good news to my readers that I have intention to write about the Nibbana and how the Arias visualize Nibbana in details, adequately and truly.


Dr Chit Nge (Philosophy)

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