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A Life in 13

About the Sayar Myat Gyi (Continued)

Stable (2)Sayar Myat Gyi had brought me up. Now, I have become a full grown person. I am able to practice as my master taught me and keep practicing it. So, I am successful as far as I had practiced. I had become a successful person because of my master’s gratitude.


I know the method to practice Vipassana, I had also practiced it. So, I had become something in the field of Vipassana. Some people cannot practice Vipassana. Even if they know the method, they don’t practice it seriously. As for me, I had practiced for over 40 years. Therefore, I am successful to some extent. And I am writing what I have learnt appropriately.


Sayar Myat Gyi advised that the Nyan Panna: “Intuitive Wisdom” could be obtained from the “Sasana”. I had learnt that such Nyanna cannot be obtained on my own when I had become a disciple. It had been learnt clearly that we need to obtain something from the “Sasana”. That’s why I am not arrogant. It is the gratitude of the Sayar Myat Gyi.


I always place the “Sasana” above my top. I am always devoted the “Sasana” and also value it a lot. I could have such attitude because I had to live under the guidance of my Sayar Myat Gyi. I am always grateful and satisfied because I had a chance to get under the shade of the “Sasana”. Now I know how to bear in mind appropriately. The ability to bear in mind properly is a good quality. When I had practicing Vipassana, I had realized that its intention is not to look for pleasure nor pain, but it is important to be able to bear in mind properly whether you meet with pleasure or pain. It is Sayar Myat Gyi’s gratitude as I was able to gain such qualification.


I would like to give a good news that I could bear in mind appropriately “Yoniso manasikara: wise considerationbecause of my Sayar Myat Gyi.
Dr Chit Nge (Philosophy)


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