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About the extraordinary Sayar Myat Gyi

Stable (2)There are many distinctions about Sayar Myat Gyi. It is very wonderful. I was amazed the “Sāsana”. I also learnt that the well learned masters, “Arias” dwell in this “Sāsana”.


I was born from a traditional Buddhist family. While I was working as a tutor at the university, I had become a disciple of Sayar Myat Gyi as soon as I heard about him. I was satisfied because he told me that he would teach me how to meditate. He knows the method very well. He taught me seriously.


He explained precisely, “Meditation is not gazing at your mind or body”. He said, “Meditation means you are working hard intentionally and intellectually while realization of the nature of phenomena data”. You need to meditate with the awareness: “Everything is changing”. You have to notice and aware of the changes being happened. You cannot just keep gazing at it.


Some people had wrong ideas, I also had corrected those ideas many times. Some wrong ideas are :


“There is nothing at the

“Gazing only is good enough for meditation”

“Knowing the empty


Those ideas are wrong. You will know the existence of Nibbana only when you study the literature. The Nibbana has qualities such as “Nassa, Duwa, Nipuna, AniDassana, Asariya, Ambuta and many more”. So, it is completely different between knowing nothing and the Nibbana. It is no good for the “Sasana” when the wrong ideas are being spoken around.


The Nibbana do exist. It has many good auspiciousness: “Mingalar”. I also write quite often about it. I wish that all informations are true regarding the Nibbana. I don’t intervene in other matters if not necessary, even if I notice such matters. But, I have to provide the right information about the Nibbana as it is so critical. I had been taught by my Sayar Myat Gyi. I admit that I had become an expert because my master had taught me. My master taught me to become an expert, otherwise, I would not be proficient like today if I was on my own. .


The Nibbana exist really, Buddha’s discourse also exist truly. You can have many good qualities when visualizing the NIbbana. The Nibbana is too great. That’s why “lokiya: mundane” goodness means nothing when comparing to the good qualities of the Nibbana.


Sayar Myat Gyi was a humble master. He was so meticulous and a practical expert. He gave advice, spoke and practiced precisely. He liked those who do practice and obedient. I was a selection among the disciples. Then I had become an expert in the long run. I had become proficient as I had received 10 years training from my master. If I am asked, “What are my qualifications?”,  I would say, “One of my qualification is that I am able to practice Vipassana properly as my master taught”.


Dr Chit Nge (Philosophy)

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