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A Life in 09

The Combatant


Stable (2)Now I have been writing about Vipassana Combatants. I am trying my best to describe as detail as possible how to attack the Ignorance and Attachments which are Vipassana Yogis’ enemy. In this situation, as you are going to target the mind and body as your enemy, you should forget the personal wealth and human rights for the time being. that’s my sincere suggestion.

Current situation I am describing now is that while you are at risk to be intruded by the Ignorance and Attachments to your heart or “*1”, you are preparing, working hard, struggling and tackling to kick out those Ignorance and Attachments.  Otherwise, they would have occupied on your heart : “HaDaYa*1”. When you have completed the preparation, I look forward to write something about the Nibbana as grand as possible.

Now you are at the fighting stage, so you haven’t got a chance to look up to the Nibbana. The battle is so fragile, so you have to stay vigilant. It was told by the well learned masters to be vigilant, to be diligent and meditate with PannaNyan (Purified Intellect) and practice as told. It was also told that “Devaputta-mara:  as a deity and Kilesa-m: of defilements” are critical.

I don’t want to elaborate about Devaputta-mara as I don’t see it quite often. Due to the possession of mind and body, the Kilesa-m come up very frequently. So, now I have been writing about combating these “Maras”.

As well learned masters told, Devaputta-mara is also  very important. It makes you confuse, misunderstand and dizzy. Then, you will have to suffer without counter attack. The Ignorance and attachments can easily influence upon you. Therefore, you have to be very careful when dealing with the capabilities of the Devaputta-mara. As for me, I can’t see the Devaputta-mara always. Therefore, I won’t go deep into this.

Regarding the Kilesa-m, I do write the techniques to practice to protect yourselves from it as a Vipassana comorade.It is important not to be influenced by the Ignorance and Attachments either on your heart or “HaDaYa*1”.The word Heart is a metaphor. Those two can suddenly attack even while you are keeping an eye on. Then the mind and body has to suffer seriously. The Vipassana combatant has to deal in defense mode as those two had already intruded and influenced while he was preparing to practice Vipassana.


Therefore you should be extremely vigilant which advice comes from the practical experience. I am looking forward to write about Nibbana and visualizing Nibbana which my readers will enjoy. For now, I am trying to write how a Vipassana combatant should fight practically.

You have to be very vigilant when fighting in the battle. Occasionally, you have to hire yourself as a consultant, think new ideas, then  follow and practice the ideas given by yourself. Occasionally you may have to remediate yourself several times. Sometime you could be defeated due to unexpected attacks.

I would like to encourage the combatants, and also remind that this battle is not an easy one, That’s why I have to encourage as this part is very hard and deep. But I would pass the good news that the reward will be very special and more than enough when you are successful.

HaDaYa*1: The main centre of the human beings is not the brain function, but that is closely related with nerves and muscles of the heart.


Dr Chit Nge (Philosophy)


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