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The importance of Ignorance and Attachments

Stable (2)The yogis should notice the importance of Ignorance and Attachments. The Vipassana Yogis also strive to reduce the “Kilesa : defilements”. But, the Ignorance and Attachments are so smart, clever and swift, they occupy before the Yogi has noticed. So, it can be difficult for most of the Yogis; or perhaps some Yogis.

The Ignorance is so gentle when it comes and hard to know either. That’s why well learned masters advised specifically to improve as follow :  from “Avijja: ignorance” to “vijja: (Penetrate and realize the natural phenomena.)”, from “Tanha: Attachments” to “Bhavana: meditative rite”

Yogis usually don’t noticethe influence of Ignorance for a prolonged period of time, when they notice it, it is over. We can say that it is so gentle or difficult to know as mentioned above..

The Attachment can’t also be underestimated either. It is something you should keep an eye on because sometime the Ignorance and Attachments joins together without being noticed. Then the yogi will suffer. Therefore, you have to be very careful when dealing with these. If you don’t pay attention to them or forget them, they would have in place already.

That’s why the Yogi should always be in focus: “Sati”,  no deviation from the focus: “Sati”  and no underlevel of Sati. They are extremely delicate, smart, easy to influence, gentle and troublesome. It can cause very serious and high impact damages on the Yogis.

Delicacy is Ignorance’s attribute and Ability to influence is Attachment’s attribute. These two things should be aware of as top priority. I can give a good news that Yogis’ “Sila : Ethical Conduct.

Samadhi: Concentration and Panna: Wisdom” will be improved if they keep an eye on those two thing very carefully. Otherwise, it would be like a merry-go-round. Therefore, I feel that it should be noticed very carefully.

I, myself once thought that “If I realize a tiny spot of sexual feelings, then I will pick up that one and will throw it into the Black Hole”. That was my idea a long time ago. At that time, I was studying Black-Holes, that’s why I had such ideas. I had also noticed that Ignorance is Disgusting, the Attachment is Filthy and I also didn’t want to have “Dukkha: sufferings” and I had wanted to live as clean as possible.

I just mentioned what I announced in English once as I recalled my memory.


Dr Chit Nge (Philosophy)


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