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Gaining Visions


Stable (2)Yogis who practice can gain Visions. It is not true that the visions cannot appear. Of course it can appear. But it is so deep and complex to follow the correct lead.

There is an old traditional story about a foretell expert Maung Noe. He could tell the weight of a casket by picking up the broken piece and said “9 ticals”. When he was asked what is inside the “Kunn-Itt : betel box”, he remembered that he saw a pig family on the way, then he thought that the pig won’t fit in it, so he said there must be a “Rodent” inside which was true. Maung Noe was an expert and had “parami : perfection”, so he could interpret correctly.

We have many difficulties to know the right lead. We can’t know which clue should be followed. Sometimes, our interpretations were wrong. But, the vision can be gained if you are a Vipassana yogi. Normal people may also gain visions in their dreams. But, how it should be interpreted. As for me, I can interpret roughly. It means positive if I fly with an aeroplane in my dream. It means negative if I were lost or my bicycle is broken. I get such kind of messages occasionally. But it is very difficult to know the details.

Therefore, it is the Vipassana Yogi’s duty to shine their visions by reasoning regularly so that it won’t be unclear. It is important not to follow the visions blindly. It is good if you can examine like a wise man sometime. You can assume that most of them are wrong. As for me, the majority were not correct. I cannot guess the right lead immediately due to my wisdom’s limitation. Though, I can’t predict what kind of event will come, the visions still come. Some are quite interesting. There were some coincidences. But I couldn’t forecast it in advance. After the event, I realized “Aww… That’s why / it is like that ”, but it doesn’t matter after the event. I had many similar experiences like that. Everything is finished when I know why I had got so and so vision.

For this case, it would be nice if you know in advance. It doesn’t matter anymore if you realize the answer after everything is finished. Therefore, I can pass the message that visions can be gained occasionally. I can’t admit that it is easy to interpret it correctly. I have to say that it is really difficult and deep. However, visions can be gained by anyone, you have to be vigilant. Sometimes it is hard to catch. Sometimes, you get visions and you miss it most of them. Then, you took the wrong lead or know the answer after it had happened. Then it’s not significant anymore.

The only valuable vision is that you know the event before it comes. It is very difficult, thin and delicate to catch. However, the visions can appear occasionally. I wish to say that it is the yogi’s capability to interpret it correctly depending on his qualities of being vigilant, swiftness, awareness, and ability to stay on focus with the governance of sharp wisdom on the top.

Dr Chit Nge (Philosophy)


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