A Life in Buddhism 01


A Life in 01


If one’s life is Buddhism’, he’s inside the Sar-Sa-Nar (The Dispensation of Buddha), the CN2following two extremes has to be avoided


1) Addiction to pleasures

2) Addiction to self-mortification.


Although Buddhism has such guidance, the world doesn’t have. The world doesn’t know those two extremes. They don’t also try to understand. Therefore, they will never know it. They don’t know the addiction to pleasures is “Extreme” as they even mentioned it as “Human Rights”. So, the world is too naive in this case. The world is apart from the noble truth. The world cannot have the noble truth. The noble truth exists only with Buddhism from Myanmar.


You could receive the correct guidance if you live with truth. You understand the two extremes to avoid. Those living with noble truth won’t accept the two extremes. They are vigilant enough to prevent having those extremes on their HaDaYa*1. They try to stay away from it. They try to deny it. They dislike it. And finally they succeeded those two extremes.


While Myanmar Buddhists stand as the conquerors of those 2 extremes, the world was defeated by those two extremes. There is a huge gap in the field of knowledge.


The world is very outdated in the field of knowledge. They are completely outdated. They are left behind very far away. They can’t be helped because they don’t have Parami (Perfection) like Buddhists do.


Buddhism of Myanmar always comes with the noble truth. The world even doesn’t know what is noble or what is extreme. The Buddha’s middle-way is not well known by the world. The world doesn’t have the true method to practice . That’s why they cannot reach to the .


The world is still naive in the field of knowledge. So, they try to disregard and ignore the truth.


On the other hand, Myanmar Buddhists try to possess the noble truth. They want to be away from the extremes. They want to conquer the extremes. Such kind life is an example of Myanmar Buddhists. The Life of a Myanmar Buddhist is enjoyable because it is noble. The Myanmar Buddhists knows how to reason properly and also know how to avoid the extremes. Such kind of life is a life which grows under the shade of Buddha. Many Arahats (fourth stage conquerors) who practiced such methods were emerged from Myanmar. Myanmar is a noble country because many noble Arahats were emerged.


The word is lack of nobility. The world is only comparable to worldly affairs due to their current status. Those ideas and visions are ordinary. Therefore, the world is popular among the ordinary people. But, it can’t be popular among the professionals. But, the world doesn’t know it. They are dumb and lack of Parami.


Therefore, they had got ideas to insult Buddhism. That mustn’t be allowed. Otherwise they will be in the middle of calamity.


Most important of all, I have to warn the world to stop insulting Buddhism, otherwise they are against with “Dhamma” and will suffer for that cause.


HaDaYa*1: The main centre of the human beings is not the brain function, but that is closely related with nerves and muscles of the heart.


Dr Chit Nge (Philosophy)


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