A Brief Biography of Dr Chit Nge (English)





Dr. Chit Nge was born in Lake-San-Khon village, Amarapura Township, Mandalay Division. His parents were U Chit and Daw Kyawt. His real name is Aye Ko.

He had his Master’s degree in philosophy from Mandalay Arts and University. After obtaining Master’s degree he worked as a tutor at the Philosophy Department of the university.

Later, he met Sayardaw U Ye Wa Ta who taught him how to practice . U Ye Wa Ta was once the most trusted disciple of Moe Goke Sayardaw Pha Yar Gyi U Wi Ma La. He was then in the name of U Hla Bu.

Dr. Chit Nge became an ardent and closest disciple of Sayardaw U Ye Wa Ta and served him for ten years while learning every knowledge of Viipassana from the Sayardaw.  He was eventually ordained as a monk with the title of Ashin Nan Da Wun Tha.

Ashin Nan Da Wun started teaching the public on how to practice Vipassana to enter into . He also wrote many books about ,  Nibbana and Meditation.

He visited Buddha-Ghar-Yar in India and delivered six pieces of sermon through All India Radio. He also submitted two papers , one was in the title of “ Contributions of Buddhism towards the World “ and the other was in the title of “Buddhism in a Changing World”, at International Buddhists Conference (I.B.C), organized by Japanese Buddhist Association.

Using many pan names such as Ashin Nanda Wun Tha, Takatho Phone Sint (M.A), Takatho Phone Tint (M.A), Vum Glory, and Chit Nge (Philosophy) he wrote about Buddhism, Science and Philosophy. In 2002, “A Philosophy of Free-Will”, one of his publications, won Buddhist Literature award. He also wrote an article named “Nibbana” in Myanmar, which was published in Myanma Ahlin news paper and the same article in English, which was published in The New Light of Myanmar news paper. Both articles were published as series for ten days. The book he wrote “Philosophy of Time“ became a bestseller in Myanmar.

In 1995, he was invited as a visiting professor to the United States. In 2005, he made a newspaper conference at the International Business Centre about his newly published book, “Nibbana”.

Dr. Chit Nge studied science and scientific methods and written articles on how to improve these methods by applying Buddha’s teachings.  In December 2006 he was awarded a doctoral degree in Religious Science from London. He also delivered sermons in the title of “Towards Nibbana” through Myanmar Radio and Television Channel 4 (MRTV-4) during 2007 and 2008.

Dr. Chit Nge (Philosophy) is zealously working in the interest of the development of Myanmar and for the provocation of Buddhism and Buddhist publications.  By establishing Chit Nge (Philosophy) Performance Group since 1987, he has been training youths to become healthy and capable ones.

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